Portable Humidification for Cigars & Pipe Tobacco



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The Water Pillows Advantage

Simple, Effective and REUSABLE

Just soak a dry Water Pillows hydration cell in distilled water for 20 to 30 seconds, place inside our reclosable bag, close zipper and you're good to go!  Include in a sealed container with cigars or pipe tobacco for 30-45 days of effective humidification.  When dry, repeat these steps again to reactivate.  It's that simple!

Two Convenient Sizes

Water Pillows come in two sizes:  Small for when you're out and about and XL large capacity for use in your desktop humidor at home.  Safe, non-toxic and easy to maintain, when you need a portable humidification solution, we've got you covered!

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

Whether on your way to the golf course, a fishing trip or even a bachelor party, keeping cigars fresh is important.  We've worked hard to provide a simple yet effective humidification source to ensure your cigars maintain their optimal humidity.  We hope you enjoy your next cigar and thank you for using Water Pillows!

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